It’s not every day I’m asked to dive into a gym’s soul and emerge with three mystical brand poems. But asked I was.

Always up for an off-piste project, I did a little jump for joy when creative consultancy Fivefootsix commissioned me to write the poems for their client XYZ.

Riding the ever-popular spin cycle trend, XYZ launched in Hong Kong with its own unique take on what a gym should be. A hidden cave in a bustling city, a secret space in which to re-set your compass and ride into a super-human trance.

XYZ’s reason for being? To take you on a full-on, muscle-powered metaphysical journey – with cool beats and sexy design to boot.

The three poems Solo, Crew & Mafia capture and bring to life the transcendent energy of the XYZ ride, whether pedalling solo or in a gang.

Curious? Have a peek…

Spin the future.
Create it. Own it.
As rivals of the ride
we transcend the impossible.
Minds set. Bodies sweat.
Rhythmic beats, a rally cry
as we hunt the target
and crown our glory.
This is it.
Our Crew. Our joyride.
We dream awake.
We make it happen.

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