An almighty departure from reality, newly-launched Kingdom of Razz is a shiny new concept store with a distinctly surreal flavour. All items for sale are ‘living’ artefacts from a wild and woozy parallel universe.

I created the brand name, cultivated a unique verbal identity, a suitably fantastical brand story and gave each of the artefacts a bonkers tone of voice.

Curious? Check it out:

Welcome to Kingdom of Razz. Not just a gallery of arty artefacts but a place. A surreal parallel universe, where heady high jinks reign supreme in the fantastical lands of your mind.
It’s shiny and razzy, it’s weird and woozy. It’s where camp queens steal the show whilst the shrunken-heads of the royal forest weave spells of voodoo and mischief.
Come and visit us, we won’t tell you where. There is no address, you’ll get here by magic. Just close your eyes… and… oh hello! You’ve arrived.
Peruse and shop, marvel and enjoy.
From Razz with love.


“Best buddies, sitting together, stark naked, loving it. Some say we’re away with the fairies. We say yeah, fairies are cool.
We’re a pair of mid-century brass frog shelf-sitters. Fancy hanging out in the buff with us?”

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