Roll up, roll up! Woo Woo Express has just gone live…

Concocted and written by me, Woo Woo Express is the brand-spanking new creative culture mash-up mag. A cosmic compendium of magical off-piste thinkers, outlandish creative wonderfolk and conjurers of utopian dreams. Horray for the ones with the ‘crazy woo woo’!

Click the magic link:

Teleporting through lands lit by myriad ideas shining like giant disco-balls, Woo Woo is a celebration of outlandish expression and colourful characters… Of cultivated wonderworlds and universes within universes; of pootling around imaginations and dancing through unchartered territories to the beat of your own drum; of ancient cultish rituals and the magic of altered states; of peeling back the layers of a Russian doll’s existence and discovering technicolour dreamworlds.
Come, marvel at the utopias of the mind as they manifest future legends and artefacts of psychedelic glory…

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