Virginia Rowe sends moths packing with a little expert assistance from Battersea-based wardrobe mistress Julia Dee…

…Recently I received some very unwelcome house guests. You know the ones that barge in, borrow your stuff, eat you out of house and home and simply refuse to leave? Mmm, well they were those sort.
But worse still, the ‘borrowing’ was more like stealing, and the ‘eating’… well let’s just say that the whole affair left a trail of destruction more akin to a massacre. Yes, people I had moths. Moths on the walls, moths in the wardrobe, moths in the laundry basket. Moths everywhere! These two-winged devil creatures meant business and had subsequently munched their way through my favourite knits and cottons leaving an aftershock of horror in their wake. Not even my silk pyjamas had escaped their insatiable appetites. Had these monsters no mercy?
I needed revenge, so I grabbed for my gun, er, I mean phone, and dialed Total Wardrobe Care’s Julia Dee aka The Wardrobe Mistress. Having acquired a faithful fan-base of celebrities and civilians alike, her reputation for sorting all issues wardrobe-related preceded her. If she was good enough for Elle McPherson, she was good enough for me.
So, armed with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of moths and clothes storage, this is how Julia helped me banish the little beasts – without even a wiff of a toxic fumigation or revolting-smelling moth ball…

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